Day 159 – December 29

Still on our to do list, before going home, was a day at the beach. So we decided to go to Cocoa Beach, the weather was superb once again, so we picked the right day.

cocoa beach

But before we headed towards the beach we had to welcome some visitors first, Kathy and the kids had never seen our Villa and since she was down from New York now anyway, why not stop by. John, Tammy and John Michael joined her and the kids as well.

When all the company had left we got our stuff together and left for Cocoa Beach, which is about a 90 minute drive.

Day 134 – December 4

Since we wanted to go to the beach one more time we decided to do so today, and it was not Daytona Beach we wanted to go to. We drove towards Smyrna Beach this time and saw some great things on the way there.

Smyrna Beach day134-02 day134-03

Like this Western-like entrance.


While at Smyrna Beach we enjoyed the nice temperatures, a little breeze and the sun.

day134-05 day134-06

First we walked down the coastline

day134-07 day134-08 day134-09 day134-10 day134-11 day134-12

After that we took the car out on the beach and tried to find a spot. We were allowed to drive on the beach, which was a fun experience.

Day 117 – November 17

Here is the result after a night sleep with curlers in your hair. One side is not to bad but the other side does not have too many curlers.



On the way to school we saw all this junk, unfortunately it was all rotten so we left it right there.

day117-03 day117-04 day117-05 day117-06

After dropping Camy off at school we took off for Daytona Beach. The weather predictions were not too good this week, it has not been this cold for years. Today, however, is still good as per tomorrow there will be no more sun and cold is coming towards us.

day117-07 day117-08

You can drive your car on the beach here, makes it nice nd ease, you do not have to carry all your stuff.

It might not look too good, temperature wise, but since it is cloudy the temperature is just fine. The perfect beach weather.


At Subway we bought tuna salad and enjoyed it at the beach.

day117-10 day117-11

We also walked around a little and saw this crab, a horseshoe crab.


And of course some pretty looking shells.

day117-13 day117-14

Being at one of the worlds better known beaches, what else can you wish for!


At 2.00PM we headed back to school, still an hour drive. While driving the bad weather headed towards us, rain, rain and some more rain.
There also was a thunderstorm warning given, happily for us it was false alarm.

When we got home and turned on the tv we saw that the thunderstorm we were warned for did hit the Panhandle and left some trails. Fences of prisons were blown away and some more minor things.