Day 160 – December 30

Today we first are going to clean EVERYTHING up, pack ALL bags and get READY for tomorrow.

All items we found and painted are back to its original spot and I have to say it really does look good. Thanks mom for painting and Hetty thanks for styling.


The frame is an actual Disney frame, we bought two mirrors at a garage sale for $5.00. One of them still looked mint and we hang it at our stairways. And the other right here outside, we took the mirror out and only used the repainted frame. The white tile was already there and the outer white frame belongs to the Villa.

I found this high chair somewhere down the road, someone did not need it any longer. It used to be black and white, but we repainted it. The copper pot on top was painted white as well, I got it from Carole some time ago. I also found the orchidee and fits real nice in the copper pot. The wooden shoes, I had brought them along from home, long time ago, and I painted them white as well.

The white basket you see is one that I bought at Goodwill for $2.00. The flowers are fake and I found them down the street as well.

Since we have got nothing left to eat at home we went to The Waffle House and got ourselves a pancake.

After we were done here we had to stop by at Walmart, we needed some new sheets. At Ross we had to settle something as well, so we made a stop there as well. One of the shirts we bought for Bram still had the electronic pin in there and had to be taken off. We also had a reward card from another store so we stopped there as well.

By the time we were all done it stopped raining so we headed towards Congo River, we wanted to play one more game of miniature golf prior going home.

Oh, where did my ball go, ooh it is in the water this, one extra point added to the scorecards.

After this sport activity we drove off to Celebration, every hour between 6.00PM and 9.00PM snow (soap) is falling down on Market street.

At home we took care of the last couple things before we head home tomorrow. And now off to bed, the alarm clock rings early tomorrow morning.

Day 73 – October 4

Last night after the One-Direction concert, we were home at about 1.30AM. Traffic was real bad, we had never seen it like this after an event. Normally all is organized real well and you don’t even notice that some 70.000 attended the event. Police always controls the situation, but last night it seemed there was hardly any police to take control and was the worst ever…..
Anyway, Camy had a blast and loved the concert and that is what is all about and made it all worth while.

yard sale

I wanted to go to Celebration today, the annual yard sale was being held in this community. Celebration, as I probably mentioned before, is a well maintained and a well above average community. Everybody who participated had all their stuff out on the lawn or opened their homes and garage.

day73-02 day73-03 day73-04 day73-05 day73-06 day73-07 day73-08

Those were the signs used to inform the audience on who did and did not have anything for sale.


And of course we found time to have a real American hotdog.

day73-10 day73-11 day73-12

And since we are getting closer to Halloween some had already decorated their homes.

We bought some little things, we’ll show you later as right now it is being painted.