Day 162 – January 1

Home sweet home!

What and adventure, what an experience, what an awesome time we had living in The US of A.

We can now look back at a memorable time, living in The USA, what a privilege it has been to be able to this and make a dream come through. Almost six months living abroad, taking our daughter to school to give her an once in a live time experience. We feel so blessed that we were able to this, giving her this experience, meeting so many wonderful new people in our lives.

Camy has learned so much at such a wonderful school, St. Lukes Luthern School, words can not describe this. Camy came with some knowledge of the English language but left with great knowledge, now able to speak and understand everything that is said.

Villa Vanderlaan, Florida, USA, we will be back soon!

Day 149 – December 19

Today was Camy’s last day of school, we all took her to class on this final day. Granddad and grandma’s joined her to class and stayed there for the pledges.


Today we also need to pick Camy up at 1.00PM so we again have entertain ourselves until then. Camy has no more tests today but it is more a fun day at school with a couple of games they play. A fun day to say good bye to her American Middle School adventure.

First we attended chapel with the five of us, the last one we will attend before going home.

Afterwards we had breakfast at First Watch, we had a wonderful blueberry pancake.

At 1.00PM we picked Camy up for the last time, this was the final day of school after attending St. Lukes Middle school for the past five months, what an experience for a 12 year old. It is hard to think about it that it has come to an end, it was all so good. School was awesome, the student and teachers more than that!

Taking a few pictures with some of Camy’s friends.

She was also spoiled by students and teachers with some little things.

Quick, one more final picture with Audrey her friend from 7th grade.

This afternoon we went to Blue Spring State Park. Unfortunately there were not too many manatees, like last time. But still we had a good time to start the holiday season we will still spend here.

Day 72 – October 3

Friday morning, what else than worship at St. Lukes. Every Friday we need to say a couple of prayers. A couple more weeks and we know them by heart 🙂

st. lukes


At McDonalds we got ourselves a nice cup of coffee and tea. With our laptop and iPad at hand we enjoyed the sun, and again we were the only ones outside because it was too hot. We however think it is so good so why not enjoy it while it lasts. Besides we know it is autumn in Holland.


After we left we headed for Restore. We had already passed this store a couple of times however we never stopped prior to today. It is comparable to Goodwills but here you will find more for construction. So if you want to improve your kitchen, bathroom, flooring you can find it here as well as all the tools you need in order to get it done. Also couches and tables can be found here. We did also find something smaller, something you would not expect here when we just told you what is sold here, for Camy but we will tell you about this later.


At about 3.00PM we went to school to pick Camy up.
At the school entrance they have this sign, and yes 98F/34C, pfff what you mean hot.

When school was out we immediately drove towards Tampa because the 1-D concert was given at Raymond James Stadium, it is where Tampa Bay Buccaneers plays its home games for the NFL, for some 70.000 screaming teen aged girls.

day72-05 day72-06 day72-07 day72-08 day72-09 day72-10 day72-11

When the concert was over with they started to take it all down right away. Next day, next city, next show …..

Day 36 – August 28

We received a card, it was a little note from my sister and she put a nice pink bracelet with it. Thanks my dear!


It is always nice to receive some card and letters, not necessarily a present, so again when you want to mail us, it is appreciated.

Today we went looking for a patio umbrella, we need a new one for the pool deck. And since we have all time of the world we were playing around a bit in this mega store.

Day36-02 Day36-03

We had lunch at Taco Bell today, one of our more favorite restaurants, to have a tortilla, delicious!

This is the end result of my DIY, which I started the other day.

Day36-04 Day36-05

At 03.30PM it was about time to pick Camy up from school. Time for a selfie first and after that, sit and wait until the school bell rings.


Here she is with her classmate Izzy, who is from England and came over two years prior.


With a backpack, way too heavy, we strolled back to the car where Camy shows you our St Lukes logo which we put on the trunk of the car.


We had to stop by at the walk-in medical center, Camy had to take one more test which needs to be put in her file at school. Now we are entirely complete.


After taking care of all the homework we had a little time to have fun in the pool before going to bed.


Day 19 – August 11

The day started with a little shower, we merely made it to the car without getting wet.


Prior to driving up to school we stopped at the walk-inn medical center.
We had to get the vaccinations translated and have the paperwork approved for Camy’s school records. After this was taken care of we headed to school for the 03.00PM gathering.


This was the invitation received.


Since parents were not allowed, we went to get a turkey cheese sandwich.


While waiting to pick Camy up, we took some pictures of the school surroundings.


The entrance, this is where all the kids are dropped off and picked up.
It is like a drive-thru, teachers open the doors, students get out, parents are off to work. Works real well and smooth!


This is St. Lukes logo, St. Lukes home of the Wildcats!

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Day 18 – August 10

The first thing I had to do today was cut Brams hair.
Since he wants to have it cut real short, bold headed, we have to do this once a week from now on.


And once done, guess what….. yep a dip in the pool.


At 01.00PM we had to get ourselves ready for a short visit to school, our first visit.


After a 45 minute drive we arrived at school, St. Lukes.
First impression…. big and yes indeed a church.


There was a pre-sale at school which enabled us to buy jeans and shirts among other items. First thing we did was buy a pair of jeans for Camy. Choices had to be made, kaki or dark blue jeans, long pants or shorts, wide or skinny. We ordered a kaki and dark blue one. They can be picked up on Thursday until than she is allowed to wear her own kaki jeans.

You were even able to buy, bows, purses and lunch boxes, all in school colors. We do not need this, but it was funny to see, very much in school style!


On top of the jeans sleeved polo shirts will be worn. They were available in different colors: green, red, yellow, blue and white. A green colored shirt was mandatory because this needs to be worn when on field trips. We also bought a blue and white one.

And besides we also bought a pink one with the Wild Cats logo. She is allowed to wear this on wednesdays when all is not too strict and everybody is allowed to wear shirts not tucked in.

We then went looking for Camy’s homeroom teacher, Miss Barfield.
There was a locker waiting for Camy in her homeroom, books and planner were already placed into the locker, we added all that we bought ourselves. In total there will be 25 students in Camy’s homeroom.


Day18-11Tomorrow there will be a little gathering with all 6th graders, parents not allowed! This first meeting will be about 90minutes, a good first test for Camy, excited!

On the way home, we had dinner at Denny’s, a double cheeseburger.

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