Day 158 – December 28

Some time ago we bought tickets for a Football game in Tampa. Unfortunately Bram was still not feeling too good, he still has a major headache, and stayed home.

footballSo we headed towards Tampa with the five us and I was the one driving. Game time was at 1.00PM but because it was a little chaotic around the stadium with cars and fans we did not make it to our seats until 1.30PM. And it was not because we did not leave the house in time, we had left at 10.30AM.

Our seats were all the way on top of the Raymond James Stadium, in a corner, where we were able to watch it real good and enjoy the sun as well. Awesome, the height and all those fans.

This is the famous pirate ship, with every touchdown that is scored by Tampa Bay Buccaneers it fires a canon ball and makes the entire stadium shiver.

At 3.30PM we left the stadium and walked back to the car, at about 5.30PM we were home again. Bram felt a little better and even watched some of the game on tv. It was another great experience to attend a great show in such a large stadium with another 65.000 fans.

Day 147 – December 17

Today is the day that it will no longer be the three of us anymore. Today we will pick our parents up from the airport and have them with us the last two weeks of our stay.

At 1.00PM we headed towards Tampa right out of school to pick them up.

When we arrived we first got ourselves a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

After that it was waiting time … DTW-TPA, DL1621 arrival 4.48PM.

And then after some 5 months we were finally back together, our parents are there. Welcome in Tampa, welcome in Florida!

Camy was happy to see her two grandma’s and granddad. She had to check wether or not she had grown any the last couple of months. And she certainly did, she got up with Oma Lien.

Day 72 – October 3

Friday morning, what else than worship at St. Lukes. Every Friday we need to say a couple of prayers. A couple more weeks and we know them by heart 🙂

st. lukes


At McDonalds we got ourselves a nice cup of coffee and tea. With our laptop and iPad at hand we enjoyed the sun, and again we were the only ones outside because it was too hot. We however think it is so good so why not enjoy it while it lasts. Besides we know it is autumn in Holland.


After we left we headed for Restore. We had already passed this store a couple of times however we never stopped prior to today. It is comparable to Goodwills but here you will find more for construction. So if you want to improve your kitchen, bathroom, flooring you can find it here as well as all the tools you need in order to get it done. Also couches and tables can be found here. We did also find something smaller, something you would not expect here when we just told you what is sold here, for Camy but we will tell you about this later.


At about 3.00PM we went to school to pick Camy up.
At the school entrance they have this sign, and yes 98F/34C, pfff what you mean hot.

When school was out we immediately drove towards Tampa because the 1-D concert was given at Raymond James Stadium, it is where Tampa Bay Buccaneers plays its home games for the NFL, for some 70.000 screaming teen aged girls.

day72-05 day72-06 day72-07 day72-08 day72-09 day72-10 day72-11

When the concert was over with they started to take it all down right away. Next day, next city, next show …..

Day 68 – September 29

Today we sat down and booked tickets for our parents.
In December we want them to come over and pick up some sun in Florida.
So our goal was to find some airfare tickets that were affordable.
We did our utmost and found 3 tickets and booked it. December 17 is the date we will pick them up from the airport in Tampa!



Since we received a couple of cards last week we had to mail you some too.
I put the cards in our mailbox so they could be picked up by the officer on his next round of delivery. He can see that we have mail to be sent because of the red flag, when we put it up he knows there is mail to be taken.

day68-03 Afterwards I took a book and my laptop to sit at the pool deck.
Oh, do we love it here with this view. At the moment it is quiet in Sandy Ridge, there are not to many visitors from abroad. The only thing you hear is all the insects.


And of course our refresher these days, a little rain.
Not to worry because after rain the sun comes right back!


We had dinner at Steak ‘n Shake with a lovely milkshake, they are too good, and with some whipped cream.



And of course some fries and a burger, mmmm delicious!

Since the shops are still open at night, we did stop by at a couple see whether or not there was anything to my liking.


I ran into those pink shoes, you like them as much as I do?


And when we got home, we found another card in the mailbox, thank you!

Day 22 – August 14

Today we started the day by ordering tickets for a baseball game in Tampa. Tampa Bay vs New York Yankees, Bram is soo happy and can not wait for game day!


We also ran in to this mail delivery car, cute isn’t it?
Who does not remember the cartoon Peter Post, so funny, that is what this reminded me of.


This is a selfie, just for the ones that do miss me 🙂
I’m waiting for Camy to get out of school, nice and relaxed while enjoying the sun!


After dinner it is still so good outside when it concerns the temperature.
It makes me feel so good to sit outside, just before it gets dark.
Around 08.30PM is starts to shimmer and by 09.00PM its dark.
It’s been a couple of years but I’m reading an english written book again.