Day 159 – December 29

Still on our to do list, before going home, was a day at the beach. So we decided to go to Cocoa Beach, the weather was superb once again, so we picked the right day.

cocoa beach

But before we headed towards the beach we had to welcome some visitors first, Kathy and the kids had never seen our Villa and since she was down from New York now anyway, why not stop by. John, Tammy and John Michael joined her and the kids as well.

When all the company had left we got our stuff together and left for Cocoa Beach, which is about a 90 minute drive.

Day 142 – December 12

Today we had our minds set at a fun drive. First, after dropping Camy off at school, we visited a town called Christmas.


After visiting Christmas we headed towards Cape Canaveral but even though we saw the visitor center we did not enter, we have been here before so we kept driving to Cocoa Beach.

It was very quiet, very cold and a cold breeze at Cocoa Beach. To tell you the truth it was no fun being on the beach, either to lay down or even walk for a little.

There were however lots of shells and of course I had to look around to try to find some good looking ones.

For lunch we stopped at WaWa and put our sandwich together by using the computer. This is a gasstation where you are able to buy awesome sandwiches and more.

On the way back we ran into this large alligator, the largest gator in the world. This is the entrance of a Zoo but unfortunately there was no time to visit, we had to keep driving back to school to pick Camy up again.

After school we stayed because we were going to attend a live Christmas story told by teachers and volunteers. It was called “From everywhere to Bethlehem”and was set up through the entire school campus.

It was set up very well and real nice and you could tell time was spend to do it the right way so everybody had a good time. In different groups you walked by the different scenes and part of the story was told at every stop.

After the showing we went to church, some of Camy’s friends are in choir and schoolband and had to perform because of the event.

Here is Camy having fun with a couple of her friends.